Mount Washington Resort

Photo Credit — Danny James

Mount Washington Resort, New Hampshire. July 2014.


Too green the springing April grass,
Too blue the silver-speckled sky,
For me to linger here, alas,
While happy winds go laughing by,
Wasting the golden hours indoors,
Washing windows and scrubbing floors.

Too wonderful the April night,
Too faintly sweet the first May flowers,
The stars too gloriously bright,
For me to spend the evening hours,
When fields are fresh and streams are leaping,
Wearied, exhausted, dully sleeping.

–Claude McKay


  1. I am a native of Sunapee… near Newport, not far from Claremont in the SW corner. I’ve been to Mt. Washington many times, but being a poor native, never had a chance to check out the resort… maybe next time we get back to the NE, I’ll have to drop in for a visit. Lovely photo and poem! Thanks! xx MH


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