Grandma Knows Best

This post is written for Rochelle and her rowdy band of followers at the Friday Fictioneers Club. My little story begins after the picture prompt. For some really interesting stories about this prompt just click on the little blue frog at the bottom of this post.

Cheers….and happy reading.

Begin the Route
PHOTO PROMPT – © Copyright Jean L. Hays

Grandma always had to inspect the motel room before she paid for the nights lodging. “Thirty five dollars for one lousy night! That’s way too much,” she informed  us.

“For God’s sake Edith” my grandfather grumbled. That was my grandfather’s  response to just about everything he didn’t agree with. That’s what he said when he found out  she gave five dollars each week to her church.

The next motel was not clean enough for her. The following was too crowded.

“For God’s sake Edith, the Grand Canyon will be gone by the time we get there.”



  1. What a great story, Danny, all the more so for it being real. For years my parents would always ask to see the room before they took it, although it never went on for this long and I don’t remember if we ever left one. Probably at some point, but not usually.



  2. I gather from the comments that these character were your real grandparents (I think!). No wonder they felt so real and lovable. Great portrayal of a relationship between two people who know each other so well.


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