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Footprint in white sand Time has no meaning for me Sara please come back  

Sunday Haiku

  Dawns early light gloom Battles lost for unjust cause Lovers never learn    

It was you!

I was in the kitchen alone. I heard a sound in the front room. As I turned toward the sound I saw a shadow cross the floor. As I moved forward the shadow… Continue reading

Darkness My Old Friend

This post is written for Emilia’s Picture It and Write Challenge. He could here the sirens. The police sirens. The police that were after him. The neighbor had called the police after hearing… Continue reading

Travel Theme Subtle

Travel Theme = Subtle Submitted for Ailsa’s Travel Theme ┬áChallenge. Throwing in a little Haiku just for the heck of it. Grasses Gently Sway Gentle Blue Sea Before Me Fading Into Dusk

There Once Was a Forest — A Haiku

  Forest green once bright Nature proves again her might A seasonal blight

The Sailing Ship — A Haibun

Written for Friday Fictioneers. My story starts after the photo. For other stories click on the blue frog at the end of this post. Enjoy!     Her folks were against their marriage… Continue reading

Dark Streets, Dark Times — A Haibun

Written for Haibun Thinking. For some other stories click on the blue frog at the bottom of this post. His father died in 2006. He wasn’t yet forty when he took his life.… Continue reading

Mount Washington Resort

Mount Washington Resort, New Hampshire. July 2014.   Too green the springing April grass, Too blue the silver-speckled sky, For me to linger here, alas, While happy winds go laughing by, Wasting the… Continue reading

Haibun Thinking — Transition

  That summer we spent between homes. Pulling up roots after fifteen years was quite an ordeal. The old home sold in the first week. The new home being built would not be… Continue reading

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