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free-poster-f4rqkz5zh7-FLINT,-MICHIGANI grew up in Flint, Michigan. It was a bustling town dominated by the automobile industry. They were times of full employment. If you didn’t work at one the major automobile manufactures, Buick Motor, Fisher Body, or Chevrolet, you most likely worked for one its suppliers like A.C. Spark Plug.

msuI attended Michigan State University (Go Green!) in East Lansing. I did go to a local college, Flint Junior College, before I transferred. I majored in Psychology because, quite frankly, it was one of the easier majors. One of the major reasons for attending MSU was something called Viet Nahm. East Lansing looked a hell of a lot better than Da Nang.


Soon after college, armed with my B.A. in psychology I went to work as a substitute school teacher. I was pretty terrible. Everybody would yell “we got a sub” which was a code word for let’s make him wish he never wanted to teach school. Tried selling real estate for a few months. That resulted in just about poverty for me. Finally gave up and joined most of the rest of the family in working for the auto industry (Buick Motor). I lasted three moths there. I was working third shift with a bunch of losers who main objective of the in life was to make it to the end of their shift and then hit the bar across the street. Then I joined a company I ended up working for 11 years. The Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.


I quit the railroad because I had to work outside all winter plus everyone was getting stoned.

RMIN (Rocky Mountain Intelligence Agency). Not much I can say about this. I could but then they would kill me. Just say our official mission was to collect and disseminate organized crime information. Hello Joe Bonanno. This agency was also known as (ACISA) (Arizona Criminal Intelligence System Agency). You get the point.

ibmLeaving there (whew) I went to work for The BIM Corporation for the next eighteen years of my life. IBM truly means I’ve been moved. From Tucson AZ, to Santa Clara CA, to Boulder CO, to Raleigh NC. I held various positions from Site Security, Disaster Recovery, Vital Records, Records Retention, Manager of Administrative Services, and finally Education Program Manager.

My final employer before retiring was with Local Federal Credit Union in Raleigh, North Carolina.


I retired from LGFCU as the Vice President of Human Resources.

I enjoy writing, poetry, history (especially American Presidential History), photography and travel. I am currently retired and reside in Ocala, FL with my  lovely wife and 3 cats. Actually, the three cats (Elvis, Purrcee, and We Willy) own me. We added one dog this year. She is a black mouth cur and her name is Belle. Belle weighs 75 pounds and loves to chase rabbits, usually with me attached.

I also have a photography log at http://raleighcatdaddy.wordpress.com

Contact: djames2021@gmail.com



  1. Hi Danny,
    I’m visiting from Friday Fictioneers. I had to laugh about your comments about being the dreaded substitute teacher. My kids are in high school and my daughter recently had a substitute and it was like mum and dad going out for the night and things just broke down. They don’t seem to handle change well and go crazy. They like their teacher. It’s a tough gig. Sounds like you found your way though and like many of us, your career had a few different twists and turns to keep life interesting.
    Best wishes,

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    • Back at ya! Quit smoking in ’77. Before you were born (agh)! My current slogan is “Nobody promised me a tomorrow.” Not depressive; just a comment that says live for today.”



      • And that is a very good slogan. Which at my age, I do apply it to myself. I got quite a few too many encounters to being either in hell or up with HIM.
        Not quite sure wich one is gonna be.
        Anyways, agian, glad having met you,you´re very talented writer in my humble opinión..

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  2. Danny – your link in your story and the link on the board of stories shows up with a 404 error – Page not found. I am going to delete both, and I hope that you repost both. BWB ^..^


  3. Hello there! I just wanted to say that you have an incredible blog, and I enjoy reading your work. I also think your writing is insightful, refreshing, and apt!


  4. Hello fellow Friday Fictioneer (I haven’t dippedmy toes into all the other writing challengse yet), thank you for following my blog. Following right back (with a bit of a delay). 🙂


  5. Enjoyed your story on Mondays Finish the Story. Doing a bit more lurk… errr perusing (LOL). Looks like exciting reading ahead. Tucson = old stomping grounds you say?…. That’s where I call home now. Actually in Marana limits. Nice place to live.


    • Lived there for 8 years working for IBM. Still would like to go back there and retire (again). Loved Mt. Lemmon and Saguaro National Forest, Rincon Mts, Tucson Mts, Sunsets, and Barrel Cactus. Lots of miles on my bicycle. Used to have an old girlfriend that lived in Marana.


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      • My son goes to Mt. Lemmon quite a bit for scout camping trips. I’ve never been up there though. Love bide riding myself as well (don’t do near as much as would like). The one near where I live (Tiffany loop – I think) going along Santa Cruz is nice.


  6. Hiya Danny! How lovely of you to visit my little corner of the blogosphere and to choose to hang around there long enough to follow! You are most kind, and I am indeed flattered. Still can’t believe anyone reads my stuff, but there you have it! You have had quite the varied career! Must make for some good blog fodder, I am thinking (well, except for the top secret stuff… we don’t want you to end up dead or anything!), so I am happy to follow in return and see what kind of cool things you have to say. It is lovely to meet you – I’m Mother Hen 🙂


  7. Hi Danny Boy, thanks for liking The Hunt is On and deciding to follow The Call of the Pen. You’ve got some interesting stories here, I’m looking forward to doing some exploring 🙂


  8. Wow, you have certainly lived it up. What great work you have done throughout the country. I imagine that has given you lots of memories, experiences and knowledge to share. I look forward to reading more from you.


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