The Final Solution

This post is written in response to Friday Fictioneers. My story follows the picture prompt; other stories can be found by clicking on the blue frog at the end of this post.

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


The small New England town was completely deserted.

Standing on the  famous front porch of the Rabbit Hill Inn, First Officer Cements absorbed the summer smell of freshly mowed grass and the feel of the cool winds from the coast.

“Mission accomplished Captain Zork. The area has been successfully evacuated and the borders have been sealed. Your plan has been successful Sir. The Fleet awaits your command to occupy the area,” Clements reported.

“You see First Officer Clements how easy that was? Not a single casualty on either side. All it took was those three little words”

“Free Labstah Rolls”

Word count = 100


Mount Washington Resort

Photo Credit — Danny James

Mount Washington Resort, New Hampshire. July 2014.


Too green the springing April grass,
Too blue the silver-speckled sky,
For me to linger here, alas,
While happy winds go laughing by,
Wasting the golden hours indoors,
Washing windows and scrubbing floors.

Too wonderful the April night,
Too faintly sweet the first May flowers,
The stars too gloriously bright,
For me to spend the evening hours,
When fields are fresh and streams are leaping,
Wearied, exhausted, dully sleeping.

–Claude McKay

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