Photo Credit === Danny James

The treasures from our travels are always a topic of conversation at our house. Alone, late at night, they want to talk to me. They can turn nasty at times. The eldritch horror of their deaths haunt me,


RDP Monday: Ramble

We were hiking up to the edge of the glacier in Alaska. The group in front of me, including my wife, were setting a fairly fast pace. I fell just a little behind. My mistake. Out of the woods on my left a moose and her calf suddenly and loudly appeared. To them it was their normal ramble in search of breakfast. I froze. The big girl let out a sound that was not a welcoming sound. She continued to waddle toward me. Even her baby looked huge. Funny how a big animal like that can move so fast. Funny how even faster an old man can walk backward.

Photo Credit === Danny James


wk 222 glow
Photo Credit === Danny James

She always stood out in the glow of the darkness that makes up your universe. She can be dangerous. You knew that the first day you met her. The way she looked back at you after your first meeting. She was a magnet for your desires. One would do well to stay clear of her you thought. But she is enchanting. Moving effortlessly across your conscious mind she cast her spell. You are frozen. He flowing soft legs will shortly wrap around your limp body. You knew from the beginning your time was limited.

Inspired Carpet

Photo Credit === Danny James

RDP” Inspired Carpet

Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul Turkey. It was a rainy day but inside you could not but be inspired by this lush carpet. Take off your shoes, breath deep your gathering thoughts and wander to a world far away.

Today men still kneel in prayer on the mosque’s lush red carpet after the call to prayer.

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