The Promotion

These 275 words, based on the third definition of the word ’craft‘ , form my entry into the Trifecta 102 writing challenge.

Julia had been employed at the company for 3 years now. They had recruited her from their competitor with the implied promise of future advancement into a C-Level position. In a meeting with her boss, Maurice, a few weeks ago, she had been informed that any opportunities for advancement at this time were not available.

Something had to change and quickly or she was out of there. I mean a master’s degree from an Ivy League school, and three years of progressive responsibilities at a competing firm made her an ideal candidate for a high-ranking job, even his job. She had been on the fast track but suddenly the track had come to a complete stop.

At the annual “holiday party”, Jeez you couldn’t even say “Christmas” around here, two weeks later she managed to finagle her way into a group discussion that included Maurice’s boss. During a lull in the conversation she was able to ask Ken if she could talk to him for a few minutes. “Don’t talk business at holiday parties Missy, but see me before you leave.”

Despite her hatred of the word “Missy” she stuck around until the party was finally breaking up. “Ken, I really need to talk to you about my position here at the company.” Ken reached into his pocket and pulled out the entry card to room 210. “Meet me in 15 minutes and we will see what we can do.”

The next morning at a hastily called company meeting Ken announced that Maurice was leaving the company “to pursue other business interest”. He also announced the promotion of Julia to the office of Chief Executive Officer of Customer Satisfaction.

Julia smiled…..


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