Trifecta Week 114 — Satisfy

These thirty-three words comprise my  submission to Trifecta Week 114 — Satisfy

I know the troubles behind me I can not  change.

The future is full of uncertainty.

To be able to obtain tranquility I need only one thing, and that is to satisfy you.


Dirty Laundry — Trifefta #103

This is my response to  Trifecta 103

We want 33 words in addition to and preceding the following:

That wasn’t what I meant.


Coming home from a stressful day at work he noticed his new wife was on the back patio  hanging something on the railing.

“Honey when I said we shouldn’t air  our  dirty laundry that’s not what I meant.”

Last One Selected — Trifecta #112

This post is in response to the latest Trifecta Challenge in week 112.

i was  always the last one picked when we chose teams

they always laughed  and said “pull the infield in”

don’t be in such a funk my friend Kent said

everyone has to have their dreams

but i’m zero for 42

then  your dream is not  to  go zero for 43

Trifecta Week 110 — Quaint

My Old School
My Old School

This is my old school.

First grade on the left, second grade in the middle,  third grade on the right made it pretty cool.

Some say it’s old and quaint.

I say all it needs is a coat of red paint.


These 42 words, based on the third definition of the word ’quaint‘ , constitute my entry into the Trifecta 110 writing challenge

Trifecta Challenge 100 — The First Time

We are asking for a 33-word response to the following snippet:
The first time I saw…

Here’s the catch: all of your 33 words must be one syllable each.  We’re going low-brow on your this week.  Or not.  Can you class it up under these restrictions?  Give us your best.

The first time I saw the damn thing I had to have  it.

My eyes grew big. My mind went blank.

Oh, you say, what can that be?

A new friend? A new love? Nah, my new phone!


Wedding Vows

It’s Trifecta time again!

Justin was just a little nervous. After all he was 45 years old and now being married for the first time. His bride, soon to be wife Ann, looked totally stunning. Yes, he had found the perfect one. The one of his dreams.

The bachelor’s party last night had left him a with a little bit of a headache but he would be fine. His best man, Joe, had assured him that was a normal state of being on your wedding day. Everything will go fine he insisted. You know your lines, I have the ring, and the minister is already here. Let’s do it!

Near the end of the exchange of vows Justin turned and looked tenderly in the eyes of Ann and said:

On this day,
I give you my heart,
My promise,
That I will walk with you,
Hand in hand,
Wherever our journey leads us,
Living, learning, loving,

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