Friday Fictioneers: The Boat of Charon

Friday Fictioneers (FF) is a challenge open to writers all over the world: write a 100 word story using the week’s unique photo as inspiration. This week’s picture is supplied by Ted Strutz.

More hows, whens and whats of FF can be found here at Rochelle’s site.

Copyright - Ted Strutz

The return voyage was void of passengers except for the ferryman Charon.  He had collected sixty danake, or one for every soul of the deceased, for the journey across the river Styx. Each coin carefully placed on the mouth of the dead person.

Charon could not accommodate everyone. His red flashing eyes would determine who boarded his boat and those who would be left behind to wander the shores for one hundred years.

Charon felt his power while holding his pole in his right hand and using his left hand to receive the deceased. “Another day another sixty danake, he thought!”

NaBloPoMo #28

Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo #4

Here is my entry for the Weekly Writing Challenge. To find other responses to the challenge, click on the words in the previous sentence.

Haiku #4

looking back takes toll

we were great lovers back then

future wants me now


Simple Irresistible

Simple Irresistible 

Tell us about the favorite dish or food that you simply cannot turn down.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TEMPTATION.

Angelo’s Restaurant, Flint Michigan



This little place must make the best Coney Island Hot Dogs in the world. Forget Chicago or New York. The best coney is located in an economically depressed town of Flint, Michigan. My judgement is not in the least influenced by the fact I grew up there. At one time I used to get off work at midnight and head right to Angelo’s. Two coney’s and an order of french fries with gravy. I have since lived in Arizona, California, Colorado, and North Carolina and no place, although they advertise different,makes a better coney than Angelo’s. It a must place to go when I go back to Michigan to visit friends. “Let’s meet at Angelo’s.”

NaBloPoMo #27

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

DP Weekly Writing Challenge — Characters That Haunt You

Hornsey Library, London England

“I don’t see my book here, said Lionel.”

Jean, occupied in her own search for any reference material she could find on selling her own advertising business, failed to respond.

“I say, the selection of books in this section is quite limited but I see no reason not to have “My Life in Kenya” here.”

“Shut up Lionel. Since I last saw you 38 years ago, I married, had one child, suffered the death of my husband, and built a successful secretarial agency. Then you walked into my life again! You walked into my office looking for a typist for your damn book. I recognized you and realized my life was about to spin out of control. All I wanted for the rest of my life was to live by myself, be in good health, and hope I can sell this damn business.”

“When you left for Korea I sent you a letter baring my soul and telling you how much I love you. I never received a response so I assumed you had lost interest. And then you show up looking for a typist. Christ! Both my greatest fear and greatest hope happened when you walked in that door.

“Lionel you told me yourself that your and your wife divorced on the grounds of “mutual boredom” and to tell you the truth your boring me to death right now.”

“I say, said Lionel, do you think they would order some copies if I agreed to a signing?

Lions 14, Pigeons 13

The idea is to write a story – Flash Fiction – of around 100-200 words based on the photo below. Find the details of the challenge here.

35 11 November 24th 2013

Welcome back sports fans to the last 3 seconds of this exciting football game. The Lions roared to a 14 to 0 lead in the first quarter only to have the Pigeons score the next 13 points.

The pigeons have taken the ball down to the 15 yard line and it looks like they are going for a field goal to win the game. The fans are going crazy with Coo!, Coo!, Coo!.

Here comes their field goal kicker Drew Taube. If Taube makes good on his field goal attempt the pigeons will win the game.

The snap is good. Taube makes clean contact with the ball. Oh No the ball sails right and the Lions win the game.

A fan comments, “Would have won the game if they hadn’t brought in that pigeon-toed Taube.”

NaBloPoMo #25