Software glitches delay Huron report cards

Huron County Public Schools is delaying report cards because of glitches in the software program that teaches use to enter grades.

Huron County delayed report cards — originally scheduled to go home with students October 28th until at least November 12th.

Public schools across the state installed CardReport, an educational services company that runs the student information system called PowerEd, in August. Schools have experienced difficulties with the system, ranging from teachers not being able to save grades to disappearing attendance information.

Huron experienced difficulties with the section regarding conduct and comments, said spokeswoman Tracy Underscore.

“We are working closely with the State Department of Correction Instruction  to resolve the current issues with PowerEd in order to produce report cards that are error free and of the quality expected in Huron County,” she said.

Underscore added that parents can contact teachers regarding student standing, or access student grades and attendance, through the parent portal available on the school system’s website,

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