A Biker   8 comments

This post is written for “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.”


photo prompt is provided by pixabay.com



From the outside the building seemed like a friendly neighborhood tavern. He was thirty miles into his weekly fifty mile bicycle ride and it was time for a break. He patted himself on his back for taking a new route and seeing new scenery.

Once inside the tavern he soon realized it was not quite what it seemed from the outside. Muscle bulging men and women were sitting at the bar with leather jackets indicating what motorcycle club they were associated with.

The ones closest to the door turned and looked at him with his skin tight cycling pants and helmet with glazed amusement on their faces.

A heavy set blond female with cigarette smoke following her approached him and ask “So Sonny, what type of bike to you ride. Harley, Honda, or Suzuki?”

Slowly backtracking toward the door he had come through he replied in a high-pitched voice, “A Trek.”


Posted December 17, 2015 by Danny James in FFfAW

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8 responses to “A Biker

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  1. I could almost hear him gulp as he walked into that tavern! I think I’d have backtracked a bit faster than he did and been on my bike pretty pronto. Nice story, Danny.

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  2. LOL!
    At least he knows the brand of his own bike too.
    XD I like the last line shows his awkwardness very well.

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  3. Nice work Danny! ~ Maybe he will be converted to a Harley now ~ 😦

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  4. Most bikers are nice people. They just look tough. I’m sure they would have just laughed.

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  5. Haha! He ended up going into a biker bar. LOL! I bet the bikers got a good laugh. Cute story!

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