Naughty Santa

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction.



The website said his application for Santa Claus would be reviewed and accepted. Apparently they didn’t conduct background checks or they would not have accepted him. He had found it very hard to get a job as a convicted felon. It seemed to him you could do just about anything with a internet connection. In his case he was able to get a letter of certification that he had completed Santa Claus training. And this he could present to large stores in the malls looking for Santa’s.

His on- line training included the proper  dress and the use of make-up. What kids wanted in the newest toys and gadgets. Even a course on Santa Sign Language.

His first day on the job was going very well. He was getting along just great with the little children.  After all he had great qualifications with little children.

His reference at Arizona Stare Prison would vouch for that. Just ask for prisoner number 838721.




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