Night Sky Moon


Double blue moons reflected light from the Sun

historical collision occurred and then their was one

landscapes form our current Moon are by design

the universe benefits from our earthshine

at your apogee we see our great galaxy

These five sentences are in response to Lillie McFerrin Five Sentence Fiction: Moon.

Friday Fictioneers: Would You Like To Fly?

Copyright-Dawn Q. Landau

I know I am crazy. Ask the doctor’s. But I hear a voice from the top of the stairs:

“I am your conscience. The door to your darkest fear. I am the spirit. The answer you hope to find.”

I have many dark fears. Which one I ask myself.

“Would you like to fly?”

That flying fear! Ok, got that. I’ve always had that. What else?

“If you would like to climb, you will find the stairway leads to you.”

But what if I don’t want to climb you? Will  all my fears be gone?

“Would you like to fly?”

My Style: Helping Others

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There is nothing more rewarding and humbling than helping others.

Besides enriching someone else’s life,

helping others simply makes me a better person

Helping others need not be wholly selfless.

Helping others makes me feel good and allows me to share part of myself with the world.

This is a good thing.

There is a great need in all of our communities for individuals to volunteer to make others less fortunate than ourselves live a meaningful and useful life. Take time to spend a few hours with some of those people who depend upon others to take them to doctor’s appointments, provide meals, and many more things that most of us take for granted. Take an extra hour at lunch and then make it up at the end of the day. Take some comp time. Take a vacation day. Spend some of your  retirement day.  I can drive myself to my doctor’s. I can go to the store to buy groceries. I can make my own meals. I have family that I can depend on. Others don’t have those luxuries.

My dad always joked that the most popular guy was the one who still has his car keys. They can go anywhere.

Use your keys!

Wedding Vows

It’s Trifecta time again!

Justin was just a little nervous. After all he was 45 years old and now being married for the first time. His bride, soon to be wife Ann, looked totally stunning. Yes, he had found the perfect one. The one of his dreams.

The bachelor’s party last night had left him a with a little bit of a headache but he would be fine. His best man, Joe, had assured him that was a normal state of being on your wedding day. Everything will go fine he insisted. You know your lines, I have the ring, and the minister is already here. Let’s do it!

Near the end of the exchange of vows Justin turned and looked tenderly in the eyes of Ann and said:

On this day,
I give you my heart,
My promise,
That I will walk with you,
Hand in hand,
Wherever our journey leads us,
Living, learning, loving,

Speakeasy #143 — The Red Flower

Rules for Speakeasy #143 are found here:


“There was a loud crash in the hallway.”

“There was a loud crash in the hallway.” Heikapu thought this was very uncommon in the house that she and Tapuarii shared. It actually was not their house but they lived there when the owners were on business either in Europe or in the U.S. The owners were very rich and seldom stayed there. Instead they would make it available to some of their fancy friends, actually fancy rich friends, or if none of their friends were available Heikapu and Tapuarii lived in it. But very carefully. The owner’s  checked everything when they returned. Heikapu and Tapuarii carefully picked up their dirty sheets, towels, their clothing and carted them back  to their hut. Then the rest of the house was made spotless. The owner’s were scheduled to return tomorrow. This is why the loud noise coming from the hallway frighten her. Tapuarii was out on the ocean fishing for their evening meal.

She tied her long hair up and tucked the red Hibiscus behind her ear. She wondered if Tapuarii knew what the Hibiscus indicated. She thought not. She was brought out of her dream by another loud sound from the hallway. This one much closer than the last. Then the sound of chairs being pushed against the door made her realize that there was someone in the hall and they were barricading her in Tapuarii’s den. A room with no other exit. But why?

And then she smelled the unmistakable. Smoke! Good God, what did these people want from her?

From behind the door a voice demanded “when will he be back”?

“He is out fishing and will not return until later this afternoon, she replied.”

“No, not him. Your husband will not return. He is being taken care of as we speak”

Now she could see the smoke as it drifter into the room. Panic began to sink in.  The kind of panic that is a precursor to death.

“We want the owner, the big boss, not your puny little boyfriend. We know it will be soon as you have cleaned the house and taken your own little cloths and trinkets back to your little shack. You will tell us his arrival time or when he arrives he will find only your burnt body and the bloated body of Tapuarii floating in the sea. The treasures and the land of the big boss will become ours once he has been eliminated. They were ours in the beginning until you took them from us. You took our land and built big beautiful houses on our property. It’s time that they be returned.”

“I do not know when he will return. I swear I don’t. Only Tapuarii knew, and you say you have killed him”

“He IS dead, dear lady. Now it is your turn to Burn.”

As the smoke turned to yellow swirling flames surrounding her she untied the little red flower and placed it in her folded hands. As she surrender to the heat and flames she prayed. “Dear Tapuarii, I was ready, as my little flower will tell you.”