He’s Behind You — Episode 11

Chain Writing game

Kelly, looking at Ben in disbelief, said “How do I know Tony? Everybody in this project reports to Tony.”

“What project,” Ben asked.

“Those accounts you have been working on are very important to our mission.”

Ben, realizing the girl of his dreams wasn’t quite the ordinary type of office mate that he thought, was mentally calculating the number of steps he would have to take to reach the stairwell. Just as he started to make a break for it he heard Tony’s voice commanding him to stop.

“I think his value to us is just about up don’t you think Kelly.”

Kerrie Ann Salsac’s Chain Writing Game continues in week 5. The game where each participant adds a piece of the story.


  1. Ah, at last at episode 11 we have the “they’re not really your friends scenario”! Ben’s in a spot of bother now and no mistake. Evil geniuses to the left of him, monsters to the right of him…


  2. Uh oh, looks like Ben is in really deep. I think he’s seen too much and that means Tony can no longer be his friend. And then I wonder if Kelly was using elevator fear to get close to Ben? Maybe she was interested in him too. This episode is great and it really ratchets up the danger.


  3. Aw I thought Tony was his friend!
    And it just occurred to me, why did Kelly say she was scared in the elevator? She doesn’t seem the kind to be afraid of elevators… did she have an alternative plan? 😛


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