Friday Fictioneers — On Strike

This post was written for the Friday Fictioneers based on the prompt below.

Copyright -Claire Fuller
Copyright -Claire Fuller

“Your father is in there Tony. They are on strike against the company. The local diner across the street is providing their meals free of charge. And they have elected their own mayor and police to maintain order. Any person who breaks the rules will be given a trial and punishments ranging  from washing dishes to being expelled from the plant. Just like a little city. Look, see the man with the busy eyebrows? He’s the company’s leader. He’s meeting with your father now.”

up against the man

down for right now but not out

brighter tomorrow

Word count 99


  1. Nice use of real life, Danny. This type of story was on more minds than just yours, but I like that yours is true. One small thing…” companies leader” should be “company’s leader.” 🙂



  2. That is one organised strike. I’m thinking it’s a big faceless company which is treating their workers very badly so the workers have started their own little mini-government.
    And since the company’s leader is there, it seems to be working!


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