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I was introduced to my new master yesterday. His name is Angus. A real beefy hunk of a man. He has come to live with my mistress Bertha. And Bertha herself is no small fry. She needed someone to take care of her after her first husband left her. After that I was her best friend but she required some human companionship which I understand. But being her best friend never gave me the luxury of staying in the big house and sleeping with her at night. It was off to the dog house for me until the next morning.

I was understandably nervous on meeting him for the first time. He told me how he understood how I felt about being in a dog house at night instead of being allowed to be in my mistresses home where it was quite a bit more comfortable and I had room to roam around. He said he is sometimes in the dog house too. I don’t know exactly what he meant. I have learned a few human words. I know what “stay and sit” mean. I have taught my mistress when I have to use the bathroom. She’s getting better with this but the first few times resulted in “accidents” as she calls them. Hey, you got to go you got to go.

At dinner yesterday I set back where I could see them but still not be a pest. As dinner ended, he actually fed me table scraps, something my mistress would never allow. I liked him already. He promised to take me hunting with him the next day as pheasant season had just started and he needed a good pointer. I’m not a pointer I told him but he said not to worry that skill would not be needed.

We left home early the next morning. He was dressed in his hunting gear and a carrying a 12 gauge shotgun. We got out of his rusty old pickup and headed into this cornfield to hunt for our game. But we walked the whole length of the row without flushing any birds at all. He had me sit at the end of the last row and wait for him while be went back to the truck to get some more snacks. It was pretty cold but my heavy coat protected me quite well. the minutes turned into hours and I was getting worried.

I sat there and waited, but he never came back.

Posted January 27, 2014 by Danny James in Flash Fiction, Speakeasy

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34 responses to “Speakeasy #146–My New Master

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  1. I loved the line, “I have taught my mistress when I have to use the bathroom.” Angus “beef”y-man, great! Hope the dog finds a new family soon and great story!


  2. Funny and then sad — I feel sorry for the little pup! I like that you keep his identity hidden for a little while at the beginning.


  3. Oh no, poor little guy! I did not see that coming at all. I was just going along, thinking, “Aw, isn’t this nice?”, then wham! (Very nicely written though!)


  4. Aw, poor dog! But maybe he’ll find a better bunch of people to hang with. Love the dog’s voice, Danny. Great piece! 🙂


  5. Lol, wonderful! I never read a story by a dog, this was too funny! Sorry to laugh at his misfortune, tho… ;^)


  6. Wonderful voice, though of course, heartbreaking. Poor thing.


  7. Well written story, though I quickly developed wariness of this mean stranger when he banished berthas best fried to the dog house. Very good use of the prompt, and I suspect he will survive somehow. At least I hope so.


  8. Well done. I liked your story, and the dog.


  9. Oh, how sad! Abandonment is always that way, and that last line prompt doesn’t leave many ‘happy’ options!


  10. Oh no! The poor dog 😦
    Love the writing, though it may take me awhile to forgive you for your abandonment of the pup 😛


  11. Awwww poor little cute doggy ! I wish he could come running to me when he left him there 😦 LOVED the way you have described the story of a dog with his own voice ! Brilliant 🙂


  12. That is so sad. Poor little doggy.
    I love the way you used the point of view of the dog – very enjoyable!


  13. This is a sad ending. Well written though.


  14. Wonderful story. I specially liked the dog’s dialogue. Is he ever cute.


  15. Very emotional. Sympathetic. Love it.


  16. I will first say…at the beginning I was unsure which way this was going. lol The ending…heartbreaking 😦


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