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Photo Credit — Danny James


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Philosophical Fridays   2 comments


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 Buddha good and bad
Farewell the departing year
Spring brings us new hope


Japanese Children Coterie   3 comments


Photo Credit — Danny James

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I took this photo on a recent trip to Japan. These children are visiting a famous temple.


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What In The World?   24 comments


Photo Credit —–Douglas M. MacIlroy

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Every Wednesday he sat here and pondered the image on his computer screen. He was not alone in this obsession. People from all over the world made an appearance here.

They all worshipped this divinity. The ONE that provided their inspiration was in session in HER domain.

Their stories were different. Faced with the same problem they came to difference interpretations. Was it a craftsman at his work station? A recluse with plans to take over the world? Why the tattered globe? What were those pliers used for?

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Philosophical Fridays   2 comments


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If the cuckoo does not sing, kill it.

If the cuckoo does not sing, coax it.

If the cuckoo does not sing, wait.

Finley Coal Co. No. 15 mine   21 comments

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PHOTO PROMPT © Dawn M. Miller

“It was your father’s only way to feed us. Coal was king in this part of Kentucky. We didn’t care about no black lung disease. Lord knows we never heard the words “climate change” and won’t make no difference if we did.”

“When he entered that mine shaft he had no idea it would be his last day on earth. Not only his last day but the last day for 37 other miners.”

“But I tell you one thing boy about your father. I knows you had differences with him but he would be proud that you became an environmental engineer.”

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The Cruelest Month. 29 Bells.   4 comments

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Photo Credit Susan Spaulding

“This ship was made to withstand this type of weather!” Captain McSorley exclaimed. He based his belief because the ship had made over forty voyages in its seventeen years of service taking ore pellets from Superior Wisconsin to the steel mills near Detroit.

First mate Pulcer wasn’t so sure. He had a bad feeling when they left the port at Superior Wisconsin. Leaving this late he knew they could encounter some bad weather. Some of the other 27 crew members shared his belief.

Two days out his nightmare was beginning  to become a reality.

Dawn came and the ship’s cook said “Boy’s it’s too bad out there to feed you mates. Captain reports winds of 35-50 knots and waves 3 meters high.”

Pulcer decided to join the Captain on the bridge. He knew that the captain had chosen the route that took advantage of the protection offered by the lake’s north shore in order to avoid the worst effects of the storm.

“Reduce speed,” said the captain.

“Do respect sir, but with full speed we can reach the safety of Whitefish Bay.”

“Negative First Mate, reduce speed.”

Every year a bell tools 29 times at the Mariners’ Church of Detroit.





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