It’s Over There

This post is written for Sunday Photo Fiction.


“I can’t find my cell phone.”

“Where to you last use it?” Danny asked.

“I was face timing with Betty last while I was on my nightly walk around the bay. I think that was the last time I used it. We talked for a long time about “girl things”.

Sunday Photo FictionDanny just hated hearing those words. “Girl things” just meant they were talking about him. “Jeeze Louise Carole, we just purchased these new iPhones last week. You just had to have the new 6 Plus and now you have lost the damn thing. I know, let’s use the “find my iPhone feature” on your laptop.”

Carole, firing up her laptop and tapping the find my app feature, shouted “I’ve found it!”

“Great”, replied Danny now relived he would not have to spend mucho bucks to replace the damn thing,”where is it?”

“Somewhere over there” Carole laughed, pointing toward the container ships docked at the bay.





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