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I’ve been coming here for two years now.

Betty, behind the bar, knows more about me than most of my friends. She knows my favorite drink, the time of night I usually come in, and the fact I am always alone.

There are things Betty does not know about me. My darkest thoughts, the dangerous things I have done, the people I have killed. Only three so far but I have plans for many more.

I’m a good planner. I love details. I do a lot of research on the habits of my victims.

Tonight I am studying Betty.


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13 responses to “Betty

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  1. Poor Betty. It sounds like he’s getting rid of witnesses. Betty would make a good witness if he’s brought to court on the other killings. Her job’s more dangerous than working in a convenience store. Good story and writing, Danny. —- Suzanne

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  2. Creepy dude!

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  3. Ee, methinks Betty knows too much. Poor Betty, great take.

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  4. Run Betty, Run!
    This gave me chills.

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  5. Dear Danny,

    Chilling and very well written.



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  6. I guess Betty has to die. Yup, I can see that

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  7. This guy’s a real psycho. Poor Betty 😦

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  8. Wow! He’s certainly a man who can play a long game. Very menacing. Good one.

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