People walking through house saying “What do you want for this?”

Wife following with pen and pad.

Emptying drawers of accumulated junk.

“Wait, I’ll give you $3 for that.”

“Anything in the garage?”

“Is  that a double or queen size?”

“I’ll give you $25 for all five!”

The last nineteen years of your life is spread out across the tile and carpeting. That’s what it’s worth? My treasures must be undervalued. What no interest in that!

Used book store says I give you $65 for all 238 books. Antique dealer says not enough value for him to be interested.

Most of the furniture gone. Given away for next to nothing. Eating dinner on old rugs that are destined for the dump.

Old house looks almost new. Ready for someone else to make memories.

Good by old friend. Hope your new owners take good care of  you. We’ll send you a postcard of  our new digs.