When I Awoke

When I awoke there were strangers all around me. I had waken up in a white room and a bright light shining in my eyes. In my foggy vision I could see people in gauze masks and blue plastic caps standing over me. I looked to my  right side and saw what looked like a bank of little computer screens all with  yellow lines  running  either up and down or making loops as they ran left to right across the black background. I thought there was a person beside me breathing very deep breaths and exhaling with a swoosh sound. On closer inspection this too was some type of machine.

On my left  was a tray with strange utensils that  were neither  knifes or  forks. One looked  like the tool that my father  used to pry the last piece out of a walnut. I must be at a party as there appeared to be a table set for twelve.

Suddenly a loud pinging came from the machines on my right. Now there was a flurry of activity around me. Just as suddenly as the pinging started the colorful lines of the machine became very straight. Not even the slightest little uptick. The people who were standing above me shared the strangest look. I could not hear them talking but their eyes seem to be communicating with each other.

The strangers started to slowly leave my room. Not all at once but almost on a set schedule until there were just two left. They took the sheet at the end of my bed and pulled it over my head. I always hated to sleep with anything pulled over my head.

I shouted for them to lower the sheet but they appeared not to here. They also then left the room.

It’s awful quite right now.


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