Lions 14, Pigeons 13

The idea is to write a story – Flash Fiction – of around 100-200 words based on the photo below. Find the details of the challenge here.

35 11 November 24th 2013

Welcome back sports fans to the last 3 seconds of this exciting football game. The Lions roared to a 14 to 0 lead in the first quarter only to have the Pigeons score the next 13 points.

The pigeons have taken the ball down to the 15 yard line and it looks like they are going for a field goal to win the game. The fans are going crazy with Coo!, Coo!, Coo!.

Here comes their field goal kicker Drew Taube. If Taube makes good on his field goal attempt the pigeons will win the game.

The snap is good. Taube makes clean contact with the ball. Oh No the ball sails right and the Lions win the game.

A fan comments, “Would have won the game if they hadn’t brought in that pigeon-toed Taube.”

NaBloPoMo #25


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