The politics of what you drive (Rant)

Can you tell a person’s politics by what kind of vehicle he or she drives?

The local GOP seems to think so. These are the instructions for poll workers for the coming elections.

“Keep an eye on the vehicles coming into the parking lot,” the GOP said on their website.

“You can probably let the driver of the Prius with the peace bumper sticker walk past with a smile from you, but be sure stop the driver of the mini-van with the fish symbol and “families first” stickers. Ditto for NRA members and (usually) pick-up drivers. Moms and dads with kids during daytime hours may be home schoolers–good prospects. You’ll get the hand of it.”

AND it adds: “Busloads of people clutching scraps of paper as they enter the voting site–we can’t do anything about them. PLEASE CALL the emergency number and report the location, Precinct, time of day and information about the bus. Also include what is written on the bus to identify it.”

I did not make any of this up. This is unbelievable. What about men with long hair, same-sex couples, people who drive motorcycles. Does the guy with a button down docker shirt get a pass. How about the guy with a t-shirt that says, “Beer is not for breakfast anymore” t-shirt.

No wonder most of us hate politics and politicians.


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