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Darkness My Old Friend

This post is written for Emilia’s Picture It and Write Challenge. He could here the sirens. The police sirens. The police that were after him. The neighbor had called the police after hearing… Continue reading


Written in response to Ermilia’s picture it & write challenge.  I considered my choices. The South was a terrible place for a young black man. I once lost my childhood friend because his… Continue reading

Red Until The End

Written for Emilia and the Picture It & Write challenge. Original image on Tumblr. Red was always her favorite color. He had spent the past twenty years of their marriage buying her something red for… Continue reading

The Last Ring

This post is written in response to Ermilia and the Picture It  & Write Challenge. “Sir, the third ring has been returned.” “Has her body been disposed of in a dignified manner Abdu?”… Continue reading

Good-Bye Mary Ann

In response to Ermilia. He had planned it in excruciating detail. A walk to reconcile their differences. Her fall would be exactly 430 feet to the rocks that lined the beach below the… Continue reading

A Letter From My Shadow

In response to Ermilia and the picture & write challenge. I received a letter from my shadow which read: “You  know you are nothing without me. Your entire existence depends upon me. When… Continue reading

Living in Darkness

In response to Ermilia’s Picture It & Write Challenge. I work in the Bulyanluhu Gold Mine here in Zanzibar. I should be more specific. I work UNDERGROUND in this dark and damp place.… Continue reading

Next Rest Area 110 Miles

In response to Ermilia’s Picture It & Write. Things had not been going well for the Holden family. Willie had been terminated from his job working for the New York Central Railroad after… Continue reading

Picture It and Write

This post is in response to Ermilia and her Picture It & Write prompt.   The moon rose blood-red What began in tragedy Ended in triumph The fires devastated the world From the… Continue reading

Picture It & Write — Never Again

This post is in response to Ermilia and her  Picture It & Write  Prompt.     Somewhere along the road, at exactly what hour into the road trip I’m not sure, I began to… Continue reading

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