Living in Darkness

In response to Ermilia’s Picture It & Write Challenge.

Photograph by Steve Rosset titled 'Nature's Surprise'

I work in the Bulyanluhu Gold Mine here in Zanzibar. I should be more specific. I work UNDERGROUND in this dark and damp place. Most of my day is spent dreaming about the world 500 feet above me. This time of year I never see the sun.

Beautiful Lake Victoria is but a few miles away. I dream of it also. I dream of many things. Sports, my favorite rum drink, and of course girls.

Every night, and it is dark when I finish work, I stop by “Paje” my favorite bar. There my fantasies begin. Hajira is her name. She knows me, but not by name. She calls me the “dark one.”

Tonight I bring her a present.  It  is know by our town people as “the lipstick” fruit. She takes the fruit as she dances in front of me. She turns and struts away and throws the fruit to another customer. Such is my life.

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