Written in response to Ermilia’s picture it & write challenge. 


by HelloLanaya

I considered my choices.

The South was a terrible place for a young black man. I once lost my childhood friend because his father did not want us to play together. I remember a trip with my teacher when we were ordered by the driver to stand so white passengers could sit down.

I could stay here and continue singing in my little church and hope things would change. I liked singing and music. I would be comfortable life with my mother, who was an accomplished organist and choir leader.

But I saw my father’s proud protests in relation to segregation and I was proud of him. I wanted to make him proud of me so I decided to obtain the best education I could. My father supported me in my decision.

Today I enrolled in college majoring in sociology. After that I plan enrolling in Seminary school.

I hope I have made the right choice.