Red Until The End

Written for Emilia and the Picture It & Write challenge.

Original image on Tumblr.

Original image on Tumblr.

Red was always her favorite color. He had spent the past twenty years of their marriage buying her something red for her birthday. The monstrous hat. The “Flapper” dress she wore only once. Even her nickname!

Her energy and passion always amazed him. There were two sides of her. The one filled with confidence and the other darker angry one.

It was an even fight among her personalities. Until the diagnosis. The angry side became dominate to an almost unbearable extent so that she became a person to avoid.

On one of their last days together they spent on a bench and watched the falls leaves tumble towards their death. Her face pale, her body decimated, her mind a swirling mass of confusion and frustration she submitted to her stalker.

“Bury me in red,” she laughingly told her husband.


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