Picture It & Write — Never Again

This post is in response to Ermilia and her  Picture It & Write  Prompt.




Somewhere along the road, at exactly what hour into the road trip I’m not sure, I began to realize how little I needed him in my life. It was fun for the first few months but then things began to go terribly wrong. What I thought was a loving and caring  man turned into a monster who demanded everything from me and giving nothing in return. We agreed to a vacation in the mountains to work out our differences.

Halfway to our destination he decided that the run down motel on this lonely road would do for our  purposes. After checking in we went to our room and he  slammed  the door. That was the beginning of my hell. The last thing I remembered was being slammed into the  wall with such force that I passed out.

Waking up this morning, without him, suddenly filled me with a  sense  of a new beginning in my life. Raising myself  to the window ledge I  vowed never again. This too shall pass. From now  on it will be one  day at a time.


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