CWG 6 — The Wall Episode 31

This post is in response to Kerrie Salsac’s Chain Writing Game.

Chain Writing game

When Jadir entered the meeting room the Generals stood and saluted. “The six ships we lost have severely hampered our ability to protect the wall which contains our imprisoned humans.” Suddenly, the plates that had shifted earlier now groaned to a final jolting stop. Jadir realized that his powers from the Hazjukel had been totally drained from him. He tried to use his eyes to vaporize the generals in the room but nothing happened. Suddenly, one of the Generals in the room rushed him and shouted “impostor, we must kill him.”  The general drew a knife from his coat and approached Jadir.

CWG 6 — The Wall Episode 19

This post is in response to Kerrie Salsac’s Chain Writing Game.

Chain Writing game

“I think I understand completely,”  said Jadir.

“No, not completely, replied Eliya. During Hazjukel you have even extra powers. Take my hands and look deep into my eyes. Now envision me. Think as hard as you can Jadir. See my face in your mind. Do you see me in your mind?”

“Yes, I can.”

“Ok, now open your eyes and look at me. What do you see?”

Jadir, opening his eyes screamed in disbelief. He was looking at himself.

“Yes Jadir, you have the ability to swap bodies with anyone.”

CWG V6.0 — The Wall — Episode 7

This post is in response to Kerrie Salsac’s Chain Writing Game.

Chain Writing game

The bleeding from the Orthacanthus was minor. Taking off one of his shoes he removed a white sock and placed it over the bleeding. The Terror Bird was now bearing down on him still racing a fast 50 mph. Only about one minute remained to escape his death at that rate. Running deeper into the woods, hoping that this would keep the Terror Bird at bay, he suddenly dropped into a camouflaged pit. After a hard landing he looked up to see the Terror Bird and a very large Usus deningeri. Both looked down on him with hungry eyes.

He’s Behind You — Episode 21

This post is in response to Kerrie Salsac’s Chain Writing Game.


Exiting the elevator Horatio came face to face with Kelly and Ben.”Put the gun down Kelly and you and your boyfriend will not get hurt. You may have killed a few of my BUI creatures but I am manufacturing many more even as we speak.”

Just then his cell phone began to vibrate. “Yes Boss I have them now and they will be eliminated in a few minutes.”

Ben, still lying on the floor took the tie he had been knotting for his own wounds looped it around Horatio’s gun hand and pulled. Horatio slid to the floor.

He’s Behind You — Episode 11

Chain Writing game

Kelly, looking at Ben in disbelief, said “How do I know Tony? Everybody in this project reports to Tony.”

“What project,” Ben asked.

“Those accounts you have been working on are very important to our mission.”

Ben, realizing the girl of his dreams wasn’t quite the ordinary type of office mate that he thought, was mentally calculating the number of steps he would have to take to reach the stairwell. Just as he started to make a break for it he heard Tony’s voice commanding him to stop.

“I think his value to us is just about up don’t you think Kelly.”

Kerrie Ann Salsac’s Chain Writing Game continues in week 5. The game where each participant adds a piece of the story.

He’s Behind You — Episode 4

Kerrie Ann Salsac’s Chain Writing Game continues in week 5. You can see all the rules there too.

With a sudden jolt the elevator came back to life and continued its downward decent.

Ben, realizing this might be his last chance to make an impression on Kelly, moved closer and started to caress her face. As they embraced they could hear the dings that indicated they were moving slowly towards the lobby.

Finally the elevator came to a sudden stop and they realized they were at the lobby level. One last passionate kiss and the door opened.

The lobby was empty. Except for one sinister looking creature coming towards them.


Chain Writing Game — Episode 23

This is something called a Chain Writing Game started by Kerrie Ann Salsac.

“Please give me Helen’s medicine Director Martinez barks”.

Suddenly one of the men who was watching the screen slowing turn to more red dots than green turns and approaches the Director and says “The will not be necessary Director”. Turning to Trixie he says “good work agent Trixie.  You have helped our cause immensely.”

“Thank you esteemed Liu Wei. Ni Zenmeyang?”

“Very well agent Trixie, but please use  English only now.”

Follow the men with the AK47 rifles and they will make sure you are safe.

Chain Writing Game 2 — Episode 16

This is something called a Chain Writing Game started by Kerrie Ann Salsac.

The story continues:

“What are they doing now, Martinez demanded sharply.”

“According to the device in Dennis’s shoe they are leaving a bar called the Stone Pony in Asbury Park. Holy cow boss, they have just stolen Bruce Springsteen’s  Bike. They’ll be hell to pay for this, O’Reilly replied.”

“Helen still out”

“Yes sir”.

“Lock laser on target”

Chain Writing Game — Week 2 — Episode 8

Kerri Ann Salsac has started a new Chain Writing Game. This is the second week for it.

Different writers work on the same story, Kerrie starts us off and then we go from there with our 100 word additions. Go visit her blog and see how it works and play along!


“Where to Buddy”, the cab driver inquired.

“2207 Baltimore Avenue”

“But that’s the address of NSA Headquarters”

“Just drive, ok?”

Dennis withdrew his cell phone out of his car but before he could dial two uniformed Secret Agents surrounded the car and ordered him to get out of the cab and on the ground.

“Subject under arrest, heading back to HQ, copy?”

Just then the unmistakable sounds of an AK47 firing sounded and the cab erupted in flames.

Chain Writing Game: Episode 25

This is my final shot. See Kerrie Salsac’s Chain Writing Game.  What ever will happen to poor Cindy. It’s out of my control girl.

Mac, almost unconscious, saw Agent Kent leaving with Cindy when suddenly Kent slammed backward from the force of the bullet that entered his chest. A female figure loomed over him and kicked him in the groin for good measure.

“Aadila,” Mac mouthed!

Aadila whipped out her cell phone and when the call was answered she said, “We have the Princess, what are your orders now, Signor Giuliani?”

“Va bene, Signor,” I will call him now.

Suddenly Mac’s cell phone began to vibrate.

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