Chain Writing Game: Episode 25   20 comments

This is my final shot. See Kerrie Salsac’s Chain Writing Game.  What ever will happen to poor Cindy. It’s out of my control girl.

Mac, almost unconscious, saw Agent Kent leaving with Cindy when suddenly Kent slammed backward from the force of the bullet that entered his chest. A female figure loomed over him and kicked him in the groin for good measure.

“Aadila,” Mac mouthed!

Aadila whipped out her cell phone and when the call was answered she said, “We have the Princess, what are your orders now, Signor Giuliani?”

“Va bene, Signor,” I will call him now.

Suddenly Mac’s cell phone began to vibrate.

Posted December 30, 2013 by Danny James in Chain Writing Game

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20 responses to “Chain Writing Game: Episode 25

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  1. Great twist, I didn’t see that coming.
    I was also starting to think that Aadila had been left behind in the bush at the house!


  2. I was wondering if Aadila had been forgotten. How cool that she’s more than she seemed to be. Polylingual for one. My fingers are itching to add in something but I’ve used up my three. Looking forward to see where this goes.


  3. Yay, I have two shots left. I have already posted three times today, so likely will queue my next up to post on tomorrow’s calendar date.


  4. The Chain Writing Game has a FB page like us and come on over.


  5. Aadila! I did not see that coming!
    But who is ringing Mac?
    Love this entry! 😀


  6. Oh! Is anyone who the seem to be? Are the rescued teen girls secretly ninja bodyguards? Love the twist!


  7. Great work Danny. Cindy is a very special lady.


  8. That was a twist I didn’t see. Fantastic


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