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Dark Streets, Dark Times — A Haibun   2 comments

Written for Haibun Thinking. For some other stories click on the blue frog at the bottom of this post.

© Arthur Browne

© Arthur Browne

His father died in 2006. He wasn’t yet forty when he took his life.

He went home for his memorial service. The once small town had grown quite large in his absence. Shops filled what before were decaying buildings. The tourist trade had accounted for this turn around he thought. Most of the roads were paved now, including the old rutted main street that he remembered. Strangers were everywhere but no old friends were to be found.

There was a fine restaurant where the butcher was previously located. Yet the town still seemed almost the same to him. The family old church still stood at the end of the alley. More tourist now than congregation.

His mother and his eldest sister had died at the age of fifty-five. He knows he is living  on borrowed time. Perhaps he has the way to end  things on his terms. He continues on.

twilight looms again

another gloomy day gone

the night is his friend




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Mount Washington Resort   3 comments


Photo Credit — Danny James

Mount Washington Resort, New Hampshire. July 2014.


Too green the springing April grass,
Too blue the silver-speckled sky,
For me to linger here, alas,
While happy winds go laughing by,
Wasting the golden hours indoors,
Washing windows and scrubbing floors.

Too wonderful the April night,
Too faintly sweet the first May flowers,
The stars too gloriously bright,
For me to spend the evening hours,
When fields are fresh and streams are leaping,
Wearied, exhausted, dully sleeping.

–Claude McKay

Haibun Thinking — Transition   3 comments

Vermont Red Barn

Vermont Red Barn — Photo Credit — Danny James


That summer we spent between homes. Pulling up roots after fifteen years was quite an ordeal.

The old home sold in the first week. The new home being built would not be ready for three months. The solution that worked for us was to rent a condo for those three months. In Vermont! A long way from our new home being built  in Florida. Both looking forward to what retirement will bring.

Short summer blooms here

Rushing forward way to fast

Our winter starts now



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My Home Has No Walls   Leave a comment


Photo Credit — Danny James

My home has no walls to look upon
no roof to stave off wild beasts or tame the restless seas
no window glass, so clear my days to gaze
A soul to dwell in mystery
so soon my days to fly away
yet stand the oaks of long ago
watching children play

Morning wore a robe of clouded sun
rain washed the day away, til broke the sun again
hidden in a thicket brush sang a tiny bird
sweet songs to light the darkness
from this world

CA Guilfoyle



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Fade to Black   2 comments


Photo Credit — Danny James

To see you walk away from me

Fills my heart with heavy sighs

You were you see the best of me

What’s left, who knows, will anyone care

This room its dark you see, like me


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Winter Lies Ahead — Haiku   2 comments

2014-06-21 001

Photo Credit Danny James

fall memories fade

white caps serenade us bye

winter lies ahead

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Outer Banks: Sand Dunes   Leave a comment

Tall Grass

Photo Credit Danny James. Outer Banks North Carolina

Sea waves are green and wet,
But up from where they die,
Rise others vaster yet,
And those are brown and dry.

They are the sea made land
To come at the fisher town,
And bury in solid sand
The men she could not drown.

She may know cove and cape,
But she does not know mankind
If by any change of shape,
She hopes to cut off mind.

Men left her a ship to sink:
They can leave her a hut as well;
And be but more free to think
For the one more cast-off shell.

Robert Frost

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