RDP Monday: Ramble

We were hiking up to the edge of the glacier in Alaska. The group in front of me, including my wife, were setting a fairly fast pace. I fell just a little behind. My mistake. Out of the woods on my left a moose and her calf suddenly and loudly appeared. To them it was their normal ramble in search of breakfast. I froze. The big girl let out a sound that was not a welcoming sound. She continued to waddle toward me. Even her baby looked huge. Funny how a big animal like that can move so fast. Funny how even faster an old man can walk backward.

Photo Credit === Danny James


  1. She was letting you know to keep your distance! Nice photo really emphasizes your separation from the group. Just yesterday we encountered a moose and her. She kept munching with an eye on us and then crossed the trail. Her calf followed and they both carried on and so did we!

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  2. OMG, it’s their territory. At least you have pic to show off. I remember walking alone in the park at Banff when I met up with a moose. Rumble wasn’t a word I could think of but fear.

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