A Brackish Death

Photo Credit === Danny James

Their relationship fell apart after three months in the wilderness. She missed the city life. He loved nature and hated the hustle and bustle of the city. The final fight was nasty. More violent than he expected. She put up quite a fight. When she left the city she told her friends she would never return. She was correct.

The brackish waters off the Kenai Fjords in remote Alaska provided the perfect place to dispose of her body.

He watched the final bubbles from her last breaths disappear beneath the water. Her replacement would be difficult to find. But not impossible. He had work to begin his search.

RDP Monday….Brackish.


Photo Credit === Danny James

You may be perplexed as to exactly what kind of device this is. This is a “pig” on the Alaska pipeline. It improves the flow of oil through the pipeline and monitors its condition. The orange polyurethane in this pipe segment is a cleaning and flow improvement pig.

So now you know!

Ragtag Daily Prompt “Perplexed”.


RDP Monday: Ramble

We were hiking up to the edge of the glacier in Alaska. The group in front of me, including my wife, were setting a fairly fast pace. I fell just a little behind. My mistake. Out of the woods on my left a moose and her calf suddenly and loudly appeared. To them it was their normal ramble in search of breakfast. I froze. The big girl let out a sound that was not a welcoming sound. She continued to waddle toward me. Even her baby looked huge. Funny how a big animal like that can move so fast. Funny how even faster an old man can walk backward.

Photo Credit === Danny James

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