Welcome Back!

This post is written for Mondays Finish The Story Challenge.

This is a unique flash fiction challenge where we are provided  with a new photo each week, and the first sentence of a story. The challenge is to finish the story using 100-150 words. The provided sentence is in bold below.


At first, it looked like an ordinary marble, but it was far from it.

“Idiot! Some scientist you are. That spacecraft was to be on Jupiter by now. As you can see, it apparently took a U-turn about 365 million miles after it left this planet and landed about 365 feet from where the damn thing took off.”

“All that talk about the reduced time it takes to get to Jupiter is all scientific trash talk. Yea, the Galileo spacecraft took six years to reach the planet, and then advancement led to the New Horizon vehicle which passed the planet in thirteen months on its way to Pluto.”

“And then you come along with all your talk about the Holman Transfer Orbit* mumbo jumbo and look what happens. Instead of getting the slingshot affect you were after, you got the boomerang affect.”

* Hohmann Transfer Orbit is an elliptical orbit used to transfer between two coplaner, circular orbits.