Prison Break

This post is written for Sunday Photo Fiction. The challenge is to write a piece whether it is a story or poetry using the image bellow for  inspiration using around 200 words. 109-06-june-14th-2015 “She’s seven minutes Jake.”

“Give her until three, she may have been held up getting off work,” replied Slade.

“She works in the prison workshop for God’s sake. She’s the supervisor and can leave when ever she wants.  She got us the power tools we requested. We spend the last three weeks cutting through all those pipes and memorized the maze of tunnels to get out of here. We spend all that money on our cell buddies in the cells next to us to keep quiet. I’m telling you Slade I’m getting nervous about that broad.”

“She said she would be here and she will. It’s taken us three years to convince her to join us and leave that no good jerk of a husband at home. Plus stupid, she has the car. You think you can get anywhere away from here without some type of transportation. It’s not like we can call a cab is it?”

“I don’t think we need the cab Slade. Look below. It’s her alright. She’s been pulled over by the cops. Speeding I bet. She always was in a hurry.”


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