Enemy Destroyed — Finish The Story

Written  for Mondays Finish The Story. this is a flash fiction challenge where we are provided with a new photo each week, and the first sentence of a story. The challenge is to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided.

Finish the story begins with:   “Silently as the people watched, the black hawk helicopter lifted into the air.”

My story begins after the photo. For other interpretations of  the challenge just click on the blue frog at the end of this post.

2015-01-05 - BW Beacham

Silently as the people watched, the black hawk helicopter lifted into the air.

“Mission accomplished Sir,” the voice came over the headset in commander Henderson’s helmet.

Henderson had been chosen for this mission based on his extensive  background in these type of tight operations. Over  twenty years in the field had prepared him for this dangerous job. He was the right man in the  right  time and it definitely was the right place.

He had been pitted  against the largest army the enemy  had to offer. The invasion force alone totaled over 10,000. All  tactics up to  that point had been a huge disappointment. Recon images showed the enemy had been hiding in underground caverns in the desert. But they were on the move now.

His black hawk held 16 Hellfire missiles. After firing only four of them the enemy was totally destroyed.

Smiling with satisfaction he  turned to  his co-pilot  and remarked, “Toughest bunch  of fire ants I’ve ever encountered.”





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