Written for Sunday Photo  Fiction.  My story follows the picture prompt. For  other entertaining interpretations just click on the blue froggie at  the bottom of  this post.

copyright Al Forbes

That’s when I thought I saw her.

The table was very cold. The thin blue sheet left only my toes and head uncovered. Seven human forms, three on each side and one above my head, seemed very concerned about something. The masks that covered their faces blew out and then returned as if they were saying  something.

Something warm flowed thru my arms. A video display to my right seemed to be jumping like an oscilloscope on steroids. Numbers were being displayed like the balls on a saturday night lottery drawing.

A hazy memory returned. I remember feeling a hard slap on my left shoulder. Then I was on my back and my bicycle was over me. My thought was “now this is really going  to hurt.”  The ride in the  red SUV passed neighborhoods I recognized.

I heard a voice at my feet say, “Is their any hope for him?”

A glance at the machines seemed to indicate the numbers had stabilized.

Another voice from somewhere commented, “Well someone must be looking after him.”



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