Final Trifecta Challenge — Alone Again   17 comments

The Final Trifecta

Photo Credit: D. James

Photo Credit: D. James


Sometimes I feel all alone.

I can be at home.

I can be in  a  far away place.

I have traveled thousands of miles, found this beautiful place and I’m still all alone.





Posted March 24, 2014 by Danny James in Trifecta Challenge

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17 responses to “Final Trifecta Challenge — Alone Again

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  1. Oh, I know this feeling. Nicely captured. Thanks for joining us for our final challenge. Good luck and happy writing!


  2. Such sad poignancy — a fitting end for Trifecta. Best of luck with your future writings!


  3. I like this a lot. I have read this somewhere – no matter how social we become, in the end – we are alone.


  4. Most of us have felt this way time and again but then as long as it is sometimes,I think its not a problem:-)Loved the pic and cool piece Danny:-)Good to have met you and am sure we will keep meeting in this virtual world,tc and all the best


  5. That’s how I’m feeling, too, these days. Nicely done.
    Glad to have met you! And see you round : )


  6. So fitting for the last Trifecta challenge. Great photo, too!


  7. I’ve been there too. Thank goodness for places like Trifecta – and for people like Trifectans. The world feels a little smaller to me now, and less lonely.


  8. Very poignant. I liked it.


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