Left Behind

Why did his wife have to leave her with him, he wondered? It was only a couple of days she explained. You know my cell phone in case of an emergency she reminded him. But he had a football game to watch for Pete’s sake. Skins and Cowboys; doesn’t get much better than this. And Sunday NASCAR (Go Jimmy)!

They had agreed that her adoption would be just like having one of their own. They would be a real mom and dad. A mom and dad to replace the original mom and dad that had abandoned her. Share the duties of raising a little one was something they both looked forward to with great expectations. After all they didn’t have any of their own to raise. They had furnished personal references, and provided Doctor’s name and numbers that the agency required. They agency had even interviewed their references and made calls to the Doctor’s office.

She was a little angel that they both cherished for the first couple of years. But then, almost overnight, she began to grow up in front of their eyes.

She was beginning to take on the less than pretty characteristics of his wife’s already. Both had gained weight and both could be annoying with their constant need for affection. Sometimes he felt needed by both of them and then it would be total rejected of him the next.

After his wife left, he asked her directly, “Why do I have to take care of you.”



NaBloPoMo No. 7

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