First Date/Two Views

First Date
First Date

He remembered the first time he saw her. She was transferring from Maine to California to help staff the companies new office in Mountain View. Her manager brought her by his office to introduce her. The word was out that she was single but had a “special friend”. He knew what that meant (boyfriend). Since he was single everyone in the office became a match maker. She worked just down the hall from him and in the first few weeks she called him for various things that went wrong with her computer. And he wasn’t even in IT. After a few weeks he coughed up enough courage to ask her to go with him to the State Fair.

She remember him when her manager took her on a tour of the building and to meet other members of the department. She had already heard about him from the other girls in the department. “Nice guy, funny, and single.” At first she called him to come over and “fix” a few things that were not working on her computer. OK, she made up a couple! She had lunch with him and other department members a few times in her first couple of weeks on the job. She had dropped a few hints like that she was free on weekends and would like someone to show her around Mountain View.

Their first date was at the State Fair. He had tried to impress her by “winning” a couple of stuffed animals. She secretly thought that he had paid off the games hawker. She found out other traits that made her nervous. He felt he had made a good impression for their first date as she seemed interested in him.

Leaving the Fair he was thinking “This could develop into something more serious”. She was thinking “not a chance Jack”.

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