Eat, Drink and be Merry

Nuclear Holocaust

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“So you still think out investment strategy  should be long-term Marylin? This ain’t no Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast with Martians landing in New Jersey. And it ain’t nothing I read on the Internet where everything is true. No Sir, I’m watching this live on CNN.”

“The world as we know it baby is totally being destroyed hour by hour. I knew with all those active warheads scattered around the world that something like the end of the world was a possibility. I always said we were only one international argument away from annihilation.”

“The superpowers of the world are blowing the holy hell out of each other for whatever reason. Those nukes are not doing anyone any good just sitting around.”

“This explosion will be very, very, dangerous. There will be fallout. Ya baby, keep an eye on your hair/teeth/kidneys, it’s called that for a reason. And even if we do survive all that, the dust thrown into the atmosphere by the blasts and the resulting fires could block out the sun to most of the planet for weeks, theoretically even years, causing mass die out of vegetation and freezing temperatures.”

“All those years of savings in our 401(k)’s and IRA’s trusting the money would be there for us when we retired. It won’t be there. Hell, there will not be a tomorrow, ok maybe not tomorrow but not much more than a week.”

“I could have bought that new Mercedes. We could have bought that house up on Lake Lure. We could have taken that vacation to Australia and New Zealand. All that is gone, gone. Are you listening Marylin?”

“Are our English shows on TV tonight Ralph?”

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