Burning Me — Microstories #195



It was very cold as I sat cross-legged in the large town square. I was a true believer. I needed to draw their attention. Fire was the answer. The liquid felt cold as it was poured over me. Tommy threw the match.


Dancing Flames

Photo Credit Danny James

Dancing Flames

The flames dance upwards
While the elders affix their stare
The children are running and cheerful
While they all happen to be there
The light in the sky still remains
We must wait til darkness participatesNow gather around
And I’ll tell you this
We are earth’s children
Among the forests hesitanceLook up to the stars
And feel our father’s trance
For we shall mow
Be expected to perform the rest

XApathetic EmpathyX

Picture It and Write

This post is in response to Ermilia and her Picture It & Write prompt.

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redmoon - Copy


The moon rose blood-red

What began in tragedy

Ended in triumph

The fires devastated the world

From the cooling waters a new living thing emerged

Six on the Sixth — April — Fire

This post is written in response to Adam Ickes challenge Six on the Sixth using the theme word “Fire”.



Slowly the flames crept toward her.


The sight of smoke frighten her.


She could smell the burnt flooring.

Yellow Coals

Yellow coals were smoking behind her.


She heard the blare of sirens.


Helping hands suddenly appeared from above.


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