That’s My Bike

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers. The challenge is to write a complete story with a beginning, middle and end using the picture prompt below.


His prognosis had been a devastating blow. The concussions Ben had received during the bombing had left him without any memory. The doctors had tried just about every treatment to recover even a tiny portion of his life before the war. So far nothing had worked.

His brother had an idea. He did a goggle search and found it. Working with the museum curator they wheeled the piece of art to his bedside.

Ben’s eyes suddenly went wide. “That’s my bike!” Ben yelled.

Author: Danny James

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

9 thoughts on “That’s My Bike”

  1. Captured that well, you did. I’ve had many such moments as something triggers a memory. Doc says they’re all there, just my brain won’t access them. Like a flash drive without a port to plug into.

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