Photo Credit === Danny James

Why is there so much hate today. We didn’t hate each other as much in years past did we? We had our differences. We thought the other side was wrong and we were right? We expressed our viewpoints and went our separate ways after our discussions. There was always another time. Another issue to take a position on. We went on with our life.

Today we, I would say the majority, are often afraid to express our opinions in public. We have our own set of friends. They have theirs.

What is sad is this will take a long time to heal.

My wife and I decided to get out of our little retirement compound and visit a small sea side city here in central Florida. Almost no one was wearing a mask. There were anti Biden signs in front of the little restaurant where we planned to have lunch. Then we saw this bike just outside.

We left!


  1. It is so in your face any more. I blame the popularity of outlets like The Rush Limbaugh Show and Fox “News”. They have perpetuated the hate, made it “cool”, promoted it, and normalized it. It both saddens and frightens me that so many people are so easily swayed by “alternative facts”. They vote for a con man and excuse everything he does by saying “he is not a politician”. They claim to support him because he is so successful and rich; a self made man.
    Then a pandemic rages throughout the world and THEE actual richest man in this world; a truly self made man, and now a dedicated philanthropist, Bill Gates, who predicted this because he IS smart, they accuse of concocting a virus, a vaccine, a chip, a…pick a story, someone one somewhere will believe at least some version of it.
    I don’t hate these people, but I am deeply disturbed by them.

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