Who Would Have Thought

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers.


“I don’t feel good about this John.”

“Paul, it’s why we came to the U.S. Remember you said we would never make it playing lunchtime dates at the Cavern. No longer are we going to have our tea and sandwiches and cigarettes on stage, sing a couple of tunes and tell a few jokes. Those days are over mate!”

“But it’s television. We’re just four lads from Liverpool here in New York. They won’t like us I’m sure. Let’s wear our dark suits to impress them. And neck ties. What’s the guys name were meeting?”

“Ed Sullivan”, replied John.




  1. Their manager got them a great show for their first appearance on U.S. TV. This is a good piece of historical fiction based on reality, Danny. I liked their work but was too old–being about their age–to be a fan. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  2. They stepped out in confidence and it paid off. They were very good, and I think they came along at just the right time too. Pop culture, potential of worldwide media exposure – all worked together for them.


  3. I don’t understand that first comment, but I guess I don’t need to.

    I do remember the Ed Sullivan show when the Beatles first performed on TV in America. Seems like a lifetime ago.

    Wait. For some, it really is!

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