Tazo or Bigelow

Written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner.


She sits by the fire with her little cup of tea. The cup itself is all that remains of a set of twenty four that her grandmother gave her as a wedding present over sixty years ago. The other twenty three being destroyed when the tea rack holding them to the dining room wall suddenly gave way a few years ago during some major renovations to their home.

Tea is how she killed her husband. At first she thought it would be difficult to obtain the poison but it really wasn’t. She knew it would take time. She was not in a hurry. He had been bed ridden for six months now.

She took some amusement in choosing which tea to serve him each night. One night she would have him drink Tazo tea. She told him it would be both calming and energizing. The next night it was Twinings Lemon and Ginger. The final few nights of their nightly teas together she served him Bigelow Cozy Chamomile which was advertised to help you to fall asleep. It worked.

Tonight she is having Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea. It helps her forget.



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