A Sunday Ride

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers. My story follows the picture prompt. Enjoy!

PHOTO PROMPT © The Reclining Gentleman

From where I lay on the asphalt Chinese Dragon balloons float by. A man stands at my feet with a cell phone in his hand. A glance to my right and I see my bright yellow bike. One of my shoes is still in the pedal. A faint smell of rubber comes from my left. Looking there I see something that reads F78-15. I realized it is the size of an automobile tire.

A lady in black bends over me and says “I have to cut your shorts off Sir.”

“Where am I?”

“In the middle of the road Sir.”




  1. Dear Danny,

    It seems this was our week to share our true stories of survival. Glad you came out on top.

    BTW My son was in a car accident once and had to have his shorts cut off. They were a pair with dollar bill material given to him by one of his brothers as a joke.



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  2. I never had an accident on a bike but I slid on a rubber mat once in gym class and whacked my head on the sliding doors under the stage. The first thing I noticed were all the little stars floating around. I hope your pelvis healed well. There are a lot of “two-wheeler” accidents here and many still refuse to wear helmets. Unbelieveable. Well-written, Danny. —- Suzanne

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  3. That was a stunning piece of writing. Made my heart jump into my throat, especially these lines:
    “One of my shoes is still in the pedal. A faint smell of rubber comes from my left. Looking there I see something that reads F78-15. I realized it is the size of an automobile tire.”

    Glad you’re okay now. Stay safe.

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  4. Wonderful job capturing how weird it is, when you’re in shock, and you notice the oddest things instead of remembering / noticing the actual accident that just happened. And of course, none of them make sense because your brain is so fuddled. Hm, why is my shoe there? Oh that’s nice, Chinese dragon balloons…

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  5. Hits too close to home. Four years ago I was hit, as a pedestrian walking across the street with the light, by a car that came down the hill and went through his red light. Thankfully he was a “good driver.” Odd to say that, right? But he was. He was able to stop when I flew up on the windshield…rather than have a slow reaction on the brake which would have meant not just hitting me, but running over me afterwards. I still jump and come close to panic attacks when I hear loud cars screech, or backfire. Cars are weapons — most people don’t understand that.
    Your story tells it well.

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    • I used to love to ride my bike but was hit by a driver who raced past a stop sign and over a sidewalk, knocked me down and into busy morning traffic. Nothing broken but a torn knee ligament that took nearly two years to heal. I’ve never been able to ride again – I start trembling so much that I can’t keep the bike traveling straight. Keep remembering the front of her car over my head before she stopped. No, she wasn’t cited.
      Very glad you were able ride again, Danny, even if it took 3 years to heal.

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