Saturday In The Park

This post is written for Mondays Finish the Story.


This is a unique flash fiction challenge where we are provided  with a new photo each week, and the first sentence of a story. Our challenge is to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided (highlighted below).

“I see absolutely everything.”

“But Grandpa, you’re blind.”

“Technically Nelson, you are correct. I just don’t see with my eyes like you.”

“I don’t understand Grandpa.”

“Take that couple to your right. They are arguing are they not? Sounds like a pretty serious difference of opinion to me. The grass I sit on is green, right? Green grass feels different than dry burnt grass. I guess there are some clouds in the sky as the wind is picking up. Maybe even some dark clouds because of the dampness I feel.”

“The hot dog vendor seems to be doing a great business by all the noise I hear over there. He’s there everyday of the week you know? Even Sundays! I can tell by the popping of balloons that the clown is here today. He only comes on the weekends. More children to entertain I guess.”

“And the water fountain? What’s wrong with it? Do you know? I can tell by the sound that not as much water is flowing as usual.”

“You here that clicking sound? That’s your mother coming to get you. She is the only one that wears high heels on Saturday.”

“So you see Nelson I really do see absolutely everything.”


  1. What a great story!
    (You may want to change the your to “you’re blind” and the “all the noise I hear” (instead of here)


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