Night Job   12 comments

This post is written in response to Friday Fictioneers.


PHOTO PROMPT -© Madison Woods

Using his sod cutter he slowly cut the outline of the grave. Next he used the wooden template he had made to precise specifications to cover the intended grave. Using the shovels and picks of his trade he began the hard work of digging the grave. The bright cloudy night cast his shadow over his progress. He never thought of the body beside him as he continued to dig. Some things he didn’t want to know. It was his job tonight. Tomorrow night would be the same. Little did he realize that over 620,000 such graves would occur during his presidency.

12 responses to “Night Job

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  1. but it keeps happening with every presidency


  2. Very good. If only those who give the orders really had to face the consequences. It reads dreamlike, but could also be real, I love it.

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  3. Great ending! Makes you think.

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  4. Dear Danny,

    Quite the unexpected ending. Well done.



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  5. Delightfully surprising end. Well done.

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  6. Devastating. Very powerful.


  7. Took my breath away –

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  8. Yikes. So not what I expected. Good one, Danny.


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