Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

Written for Friday Fictioneers. My story starts after the picture prompt. Other stories can be read by clicking the blue frog at the end of this post.

PHOTO PROMPT ©David Stewart

PHOTO PROMPT ©David Stewart

2014-08-27 003

Photo Credit == Danny James

“Mom! Jason has done it again.”

“What has Jason done now Carole?”

“He’s taken my baton. He just doesn’t want any competition. He says girls can’t be band conductors. I want to be just like him. I can see myself with my arms swinging through the air with the band following my every movement.My speciality will be outdoor concerts under a gazebo in small New England towns.”

“Can’t we both be conductors Mom? I know we can! Some day you will be able to watch both of us conducting our orchestras under the summer evening stars. You just watch Mom!